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how to make a album of favourite songs 6th gen ipod help?

Discussion in 'Apple iPod/Nano/Shuffle/Touch' started by mastic, May 28, 2016.

  1. mastic

    mastic Member

    Just bought a new ipod 6 gen but my old ipod touch 3rd gen wont sync to my old ipod as of the new iTunes 12.4 so ive lost all my music. No problem I thought just start again but when I try to make my own album of favourites as was shown in a previous posts over in iphones https://www.digitalworldz.co.uk/apple-iphone-364/267771-itunes-music-new-iphone.html , it does not seen to work with this version on 6th gen. Any idea how to make your own album on new version. You cant even use the cover flow where u turn it on its side and the albums carousel.
  2. hatab

    hatab VIP Member

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  3. avid

    avid VIP Member

    You can either make playlists with your favourites songs on your ipod or you can add the songs to a folder on your pc then you need to change all the songs album artist to various artist and all the songs album names to what you what to call the album, then add the folder to itunes then sync your device. Then it will add the album. I have one album called the 80's and it has over a 1000 songs. I hope my explanation is clear enough to understand. I understand it but others may not lol .
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