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How to get rid of dandelions

Discussion in 'Gardening and Landscaping' started by earwig999, May 6, 2009.

  1. earwig999

    earwig999 VIP Member

    I used to have such a lovely clean green lawn but the neighbors are both full of dandelions and now they have blown across into mine and I can't get rid of them.

    I mow the lawn about twice a month in the summer but can't get rid of these pesky weeds. I have tried 'Round up' on them and tried pulling them out but the just keep coming back.

    Anyone got any easy ways to get my lawn back to it's green lushness?
  2. mozr

    mozr Inactive User

    If they look like this, you could be in for a fight.


    Put em up, puuuut em up!
  3. sargie

    sargie Well-Known Member

    Have you heard of green thumb m8 they do a fantastic job lawn will be like a bowling green bud. Lawn Care, Lawn Maintenance, Lawn Treatment, Lawn Advice Service - GreenThumb dont be tempted with weed and feed it leaves you with big dead spots which are allot of work to put right.
  4. Firemouth

    Firemouth VIP Member

    i am informed a goat will solve the problem.
  5. fisco2001

    fisco2001 Inactive User

    Burn them just keep hose pipe with you otherwise you burn all your grass
  6. earwig999

    earwig999 VIP Member

    Some useful tips on there, unfortunatley they don't cover my area, but if they did sounds worth it only be about £13 a month.
  7. sargie

    sargie Well-Known Member

    The wifes nana uses them m8 she has grass in both front and back her back garden has a huge lawn area costs her £25 when they come which i think is 3 treatmants per year once your lawn is sorted.

    It is thick green and lush and when it's cut it's like a carpet. after having the same problem as you this year we have applied for a free assesment.

    im sure there would be other companys in your area but i could advise you on a plan if you like but you would need to hire or buy a lawn raker the lawn would also need airating and treating with a soluble ferteliser but trust me it's loads of work lol.

    I used to work for our local council parks and gardens and i was with a landscape design company for 6 years.
  8. baggy69

    baggy69 Member

    Dont cover my area aswell :(
    My back garden seems to be permantly wet. You walk on it and you start to sink :( Its a right pain as the kids cant enjouy it, anyone any ideas of how to fix this?
  9. nara

    nara VIP Member

    I remember having a problem like this with a lawn donkey's years ago. The answer was to dig a "rubble drain". Lift the turf in the centre of the lawn and dig a deepish pit. Fill the bottom with large lumps of builders rubble, loosely packed, and fill back up again.
  10. sargie

    sargie Well-Known Member

    As nara says you need a soak away m8ty dig down till you hit the water table in the lowest spot of your lawn or were water sits then fill with large rubble then gravel followed earth you dug out and then a cpl of inches of top soil then allow to settle for a few days top up the soil if needed then prepare it and lay some new turf.
  11. baggy69

    baggy69 Member

    Thanks for the replys, looks like ive got a bit of hard work to do :(
  12. K

    K Well-Known Member

    I have front back and side garden.. the front floods the side is shyte (recently repointed the lower bricks and sealed the first run of the air bricks which still keeps the brick open but stops floods 2 inch deap) the back is my main problem../ no where for water to go.. had water 3 brick high in the past.. cause of the coont next door concreted his garden.. the heavy rain isnt a problem cause we cant stop this but the mild rain causing floods pisses me off.. would diggin a few pits stop this?? i have about 20 used breeze blocks i can smash up..

    once i stop the flooding then im going to rip the lawn up and start again..
  13. steve7713

    steve7713 Member

    Started getting the same problem this year, its the root that you need to get rid of.

    I am going to try a trick my dad used, get a short bit of pipe (he used 15mm copper) put it over the center of the weed and push it down about 6-8 inch and pull it out with soil, root and all. You could leave the hole or fill with soil, if you fill it with sharp sand it helps with drainage.
  14. baggy69

    baggy69 Member

    Thats sort of what im going to try first. Ive just got a 'hollow tine aerator' to remove plugs of soil and then fill the holes with sharp sand.
  15. seppe

    seppe Premium Member

    what area do you live in mate
  16. Kryton

    Kryton <font color="PINK">I LOVE PINK</font>

    I would imagine his weed problem has cleared up by now :tumbleweed:
  17. IANB

    IANB VIP Member

    The dandelions are long dead lol
  18. alimac

    alimac VIP Member

    salty boiling water will do it cheap as chips lol
  19. nara

    nara VIP Member

    Makes you wonder what sort of process they go through to search out these long dead threads. :eh?:
  20. IANB

    IANB VIP Member

    I reckon he has googlewhacked dandelions and earwigs and ended up here ;)

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