How to creat a forum!


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Mar 15, 2005
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Hi guys id like to creat a forum dont worry not like this one but id like to use the layout and so forth i have checked out vbulletin r there any otheres out there. i just want to do for a m8 of mine, id like some advice eg how much the cost layouts advertising etc, dont worry admin im nt gonna rival this site, luv n respect it too much!!
Have a look here time..

I set a forum up for my son a few months back because he wanted a clan for eliteforce and he's starting a battlefront 2 one in a few days. Choose invision as thats the software I Admin already very easy. You can also use the free versions here
Reddevil and shipoftheline thanks for ur help greatly appreciated!

Dutcho said:
So what type of forum you thinking about then out of intrest.

well i am looking to make one that primarily reviews many things from books, movies and games to gadgets, etc but i want it to be forum based so ppl can give their own views aswell!

oh yeah out of the two suggested and vbulletin which would u guys suggest price and security wise?
vbulletin is the best forum on the market they have like 20 devs wroking and developing the code, the free bulletin boards are good aswell but they wont be making money and they are likely to be made by one person

it has to be vbulletin but to start out you should try maybe a free one

advertising costs nothing as we dont advertise.... people come from google and yahoo and the likes for free as its free to submit a url, word of mouth is also one of the best ways as many members recommend friends etc.

bulding a successful forum is very difficult i would still class DW as growing even though its becomming bigger everyday in growth than the rest that compete for the same members, but digital world success is down to the team we have in place and members knowing we are friendly and have some of the smartest members and fantastic support!

took DW 5 years to start to busy and successful and you have to stick with the site through thick and thin as its dificult and we have nearly chucked the towl in on many occassions ;)

and we are the best in our catogorie by a mile and thats not a bias opinion either ;)