How stable is the spiderbox?


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Nov 17, 2005
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seen a few boys below mentioning issues with CCcam it stable?(ish) lol if a new dm800 tuner doesnt fix my prop tomorrow looking like moving to spiderbox would it be recomended by users of the box?
ive managed to get my c-lines working pretty well although i still suffer from disconnections now and then., as for the gift servers well the nuevoxstream one has been very bad recently although the service+(darkserver) has been very good everytime ive watched a channel that uses it to clear. there is no doubt that alot of people have been having problems with the gift,c-lines,sw ect but at the same time there are alot of happy spiderbox owners aswell (me being one of them). the spiderteam do keep releaseing new patches so the problems will be ironed out hopefully even if alot of the admin/mods wont admit there is a problem. its up to you but id say get one as they are gvfm. regards mdt
cheers for the replies guys but looks like the 800 is now sorted... so ill just stick with that....