how often does MAC need cloning ?


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Oct 29, 2005
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is it a one off or everytime you restart cable modem ?
no mate, once u change the mac address its stored unless u alter it again in hyperterminal

u will only need to change mac address if the cloned one is cancelled by the owner of it or he or she doesnt pay bill (rare)
yeah when it stops working.
Then get another one.
Are you thinking if you change it they wont be able to find you?
As far as i can see there is no need to worry.
A mac address is like a phone number that is attached to the phone and not the address.
They don't know where it's coming from.
like when when ur current mac dies u need to obviously give it a new mac like or when u want a faster speed other than that u should be cool unless someone dont pay there bill u should have it for a fair while
how long is a piece of string m8 lol, depends on alot of stuff, if you abuse it then you will cause them to get it disconnected ETC