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Jan 19, 1999
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right guys im gonna be honest here, i have heard about this and i have seen it workin at me m8's house and i was going to invest in this setup but never got round to it.

i know the humax box's are about 300 or more quid. i wondered how much it would cost for the whole setup with the moving dish installation ??? and what would be the best size dish to go for i dont think my nieghbours would be happy to see a huge dish out side the window ??? (LMAO) so could a smaller dish be of the same use

and last but not least could someone point me in the right direction for a site that would tell me about the humax box i want, and how much should it cost for the moving dish and install

Thanks in advance


a full setup could cost you around 500 squid the best option is to buy a 1.2m motorised dish, you could go larger but it would look say out of place

the best box is a humax 5400 ircd that needs to be patched to all cam 3.2 (software you can put on the box)i think is the newest and an LNB, if you go for the newest humax 5400 (Z version) make sure it's patched you could do it yourself and wouldn't take to long but they come without patches.

i will post you a good site that'll tell you all about the humax boxs tomorrow as i havent the site with me in my favs. <img src="graemlins/helpme.gif" border="0" alt="[helpme]" />


I've just installed the following myself:

Humax 5400Z patched and Funke 98cm from Astratech<br />Stab120 h-h mount, T/K wallmount, Manhatten 0.6 LNB, fitting kit, satbeeper(1p thrown in),Inclinometer, 50mcable fitting kit/wallbolts etc, from HIsat.

Brace yourself... £625 with VAT and postage.<br />So far it's looking good but I think I need to fiddle a bit to get Hispasat and a few others in the West Yokshire area. So far working fine on Sirius/Hotbird/Astra1 & 2.

You could no doubt get it cheaper or may get that including installation by a fitter if you shop around.

98cm is a pretty big dish to put on the side of your house. If it's in view of the neighbours you may get hassle. It's not discreet. I was tempted by a ChannelMaster 1.2 but it would be pusing my luck a bit especially with the missus.

It wasn't that easy to fit, took a lot of time and patience.

Hope that's helpful.



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