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How Much Is Your Phone Number Worth

Mar 16, 2005
How Much Is Your Phone Number Worth?

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from the phone-number-speculators dept.
There have been stories for years about how, in China, beliefs about the "good luck" associated with the number "8" have made made mobile phone numbers that include more 8s more valuable. I vaguely recall stories of Chinese entrepreneurs auctioning off high 8 phone numbers online (though, I can't seem to find them now). The latest, though, is the top of the top. The phone number 8888 8888 was auctioned off to a Chinese airline for approximately $280,000. Not quite as crazy as some of the domain name speculative buys during the boom years, but of a similar nature. The airline says they're not really concerned with the superstition surrounding the number - but rather, they're excited because the number is so damn easy to remember.

look at u all checking other peoples numbers u no to see if they got a good one !