how do you rate this tv?

Brought a 23" one for my son and its been great, my friend brought a 40" and said its the best thing since sliced bread.
I've seen a few Sammy 37's for around £700. if you can push that extra £100 it would make a big difference in screen size :)
the samsung are good value for money, and definetly worth a look. my sister bought the 26 version and the picture is ok but i think other brands can beat it in terms of pic quality....but then you pay premiun money.......neverthe less its still worth a look
ive got a 26" in that exact tv, it is awesome

great for gaming
got the 26 and the 40 sammys both top the built in freeview option is worth it
i got that on the 26 wish i had had it on the 40
in this weeks Makro mail there a 32" lcd HDMI with built in freeview for £299.99 with the vat jus under £350.00 with a contrast ratio of 10.000 to 1 .check it out