How do VM arrange Channel and Bouquettes?


Mar 14, 2006
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I was thinking the other night (it does happen sometimes!) and wondered how VM send the updates to their box to tell it about new channels, adding in to the bouquettes and re-sorting etc...

If this is done in the signal stream, is there any way this could be picked up and translated to work on the dbox - getting rid of the need for channel scans etc - would just need to pickup the channel listings, and the bouquetes from the stream - aligning to the standard layout, or maybe letting us re-sort as we wish...

It maybe is not possible (at all or) under neutrino cos of the way its coded, but if a plugin could be written to capture the details and convert to services.xml and bouquets.xml perhaps?

Maybe I had too much beer or have been in the sun too long - but just an idea - anyone who knows better able to comment of how possible something like this might be??

I remember there was talk about this a while ago, and I'm not sure what the outcome was, but I seem to remember there being some comments about how VM starts channels at 100 and Neutrino cant do that and that causes issues, but I don't know if that was the end of it.
I wasn't so fussed on the channel numbers thing - but auto picking up the services and changes without any scans would be very nice...

as for the boquettes, not any sort of priority by any means, but perhaps a diff could be made that has zapit mark the first chanel as 100 rather than 1 if required to make this sort of thing work?

Just some ideas, possibly not applicable, but thought I would throw them out there incase someone smarter than me has any ideas?!
New channels and renamed channels are captured in the background scan or sectionsd scan that's already in the Diffs m8 - they transmit the information in the data stream.

I notice there is some form of bouquet arrangement for satellite available in Diff form, maybe this can be implemented for VM, if anyone would be happy with the way VM sort their channels :)
I know about the background scan - but I was thinking more about not needing to scan at all forced or background - just picking up the details as channels are added or removed and being able to run with them there and then. I dont know how this works with a real box, but was just a thought... would make all images truly universal out the box, no need to setup areas etc... the VM box auto senses the area on boot then just picks up channels... something like that would be fab!

could be worth a play with the bouquet diff just to see how it works too - where did you see that mate?

me again ;-)

It's here and it basically generates automatic bouquets.

Sly UK sends them for example via 28.2 and it would theoretically on the Dbox create Boquets for every Area of the UK.

Unfortunately can the Dbox not handle this large Boqouets as they all include around 1000 Stations.

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and loads of others ...

You could try this out

Download this :

FTP it into /tmp and rename !

Then use Telnet

and type killall sectionsd
then cd /tmp/sectionsd -d

-d gives you the Debug output

To test it I would delete the stations in your servicesxml and just leave for example BBC1

Then upload this new Services and reload it via Dbox Key, choose Services and after this restart Neutrino in the same menu.

You should now after 20 seconds see some action in your Telnet Window ;-)

HINT for noobs:

Click on start
Click on run
type CMD and hit enter
type Telnet and the IP of your Dbox and hit Enter
username is root
password normally dbox or dbox2 or commando (since Commando 7.5)
then type cd /tmp
then copy and paste wget
and type killall sectionsd
then copy and paste /tmp/30_01_07_Nirvana_sectionsd -d

Example for my Area (I have not got Cable !)

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Above is the transponder that holds the EPG etc and is used as the default Transponder when you do a NetID Scan

Give it a try and post your results from the Telnet Log
Any Luck or has anyone else tried it yet
I had a go on the weekend but didnt have much time - got the new sectionsd running and it posted a load of output, but it didnt make any changes to my services files.

I parked it to take a look later in the day but got caught up and never got back to it...

Let me know how you get on xela, otherwise I will try to get a look some time over the next couple of days.

Well at the moment im getting nothing at all really, lots of: timeout - filter: 50 - timeout# 0 timeout - filter: 50 - timeout# 1 timeout - filter: 50 - timeout# 2

But I'll keep trying

Edit: still not got anywhere, going to move the box elsewhere shortly cos the signal is shocking here and sections scan is never great, so i'll let you know how i get on this afternoon
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Right I've got somewhere now, It picked up some transponders and some channels for the transponder I was on but no channels for the other transponders. This created a currentservices.xml file with the above in it, and refers to the first telnet log.

I waited a while but it seemed to do no more, so I decided to replace my services.xml with the currentservices.xml and then run it again, and at that stage it picked up all the channels on all transponders (although only the last transponder seemed to get written to currentservices.xml.

I've attached several files but it doesnt appear to have listed anything about the bouquettes