How Do I Create RST Hex?


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Mar 23, 2005
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Please Please Accept my apologies this question is double posted. i incorrectly posted it into the general cable section and did not know how to move it.

so sorry!

Being a complete novice prior to this forum. Through tutorials and help from many members i have managed to do funcards and a Tit card.

But can't find a tutorial on creating RST Hex files used by FUN card TW area.
Is there one around? Can any one help?

I have acquired certain files like the rst generator and have read about some sort of keys which are "rolled" every now and again. But its all complete DUTCH to me!

Is there a tutorial for NOVICES/DUMMIES like me on how a person acquires/generates the RST HEX file other than downloading it from the downloads section? A similar type to MATTIES TUTORIAL.

Bearing in mind that i have absolutely NIL information/knowledge. I only got to do the funcard and Tit card with step by step instruction. Is their a similar step by step guide for creation of RST Hex files

thanks all forgiving Members!