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May 12, 2005
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My Nephew was as his Nan's the other and they were talking aboutcomputers etc... my Nephew piped up....we get pictures of naked ladies pop up on our screen......WTF

What do i do in the setting to prevent this please?
good antivirus - Kaspersky (latest working ver in downloads section)
good antispyware - i recommend Spyware Doctor for its reatime scanning and detection engine its nice but can use a lot of cpu on startup,
i also use Xoftspy which doesnt have realtime detection but seem to pick up more malware than any other app i tried.

you will also need a firewall, i tend to use Sygate Pro myself cos i`ve used it for years and love it but its discontinued now since Symantec bought the company and stopped updating it.
its still a great firewall though and it will keep your puter secure as :)