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Software Hotspot Shield v6.20.8 Elite Setup Activator

Discussion in 'Microsoft and Windows Downloads' started by spud1966, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. spud1966

    spud1966 Moderator Staff Member

    Instructions :
    1) Install "HSS-5.4.11-install-plain-714-plain.exe";
    2) Apply the patch: "Hss_Elite.exe";
    3) Install the update: "HSS-6.20.3-nodrv-update.exe". Run As Admin

    Note 1: During the application of the patch or update is not necessary to stop the program or any service created.

    Note 2: If you already have the program installed and functional just apply the update.

    Download Hotspot Shield v6.20.8 Elite Setup Activator

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