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Dec 8, 2004
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hi i have 3 homeplugs running all netgear xe104 85mbps powerline
1 main pc
2 kids room speed 28.7mbps
3 living rooom speed 7.9mbps
is this normal or is thare a way to boost signal to living room
Make sure they are all plugged straight into the wall, do not use extension leads, double adapters or surge protected sockets.
main pc on adapter
kids room on adapter
living room into wall
dont know if on same ring
If main PC and kids room are upstairs and living room is downstairs then likely they are on different rings.
Could still be different ring.

But aside from that, can't think of anything obvious.
or just poor electrical wiring behind the wall where the homeplug is, same as normal internet, we had a old wire couldnt get 5 meg off it with BE broadband, we got BT out they replaced the whole line and we got the full 24 meg we was paying for.

might not be plug esp if they have been switched.

one thing i would try tho is the ethernet leads switch them about or change them but if that done cure it id go with my first line reply of wiring quality.
It should not make any difference if they are on different rings as long as they come from the same source i.e. the same consumer unit
Here is a PC Pro magazine review saying that different rings can cause a issue (I know its not the same equipment but technology is the same).

Belkin Gigabit Powerline HD Starter Kit review | Other | Reviews | PC Pro

Davie, is it possible for you check if the plug with a problem is on the same ring ?

If you switch off the fuse that protects the living room, do you lose power where the main PC is as well ?

I know from personal experiance that houses can be wired 'funny'. I how two sockets in my sons room and they are on different rings.
That is misleading they are testing the plugs not the wiring

Would HomePlugs work on different mains circuits in my house (rings) ?
There is a lot of mis-information about this subject on the web - but the answer is Yes - limitations are as follows - the rings or circuits (such as upstairs and downstairs) mains must be on the same fuse box / consumer box.
Davie said he as swapped the plugs over and same problem so that lead me to believe and issue with the wiring not the plug.

And they do work between rings but there are documented tests indicating that there could be performances issues which such a configuration.
ill check when i get home from work what i do know is that the consumer box is very old so i take it the wiring will be old as well
think i got it sorted just checked adapters first noticed i had one adapter plugged into another both surge protected kids room now 54mbps living room 38 mbps i think that should be enough for d/box 800 and xbox 360 + laptop
my house has different rings and to get over that i connected the 2 by a cable to plugs linking upstairs and downstairs to solve problem,one way of checking faulty wiring if possible is to run an extension lead from good working room to bad room and try there it should have no difference since power is coming from good room,and switch around then both rooms should be bad=bad wiring .

picked up a new monster green powercenter it has an added home plug socket included.
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