Highest number of channels Quiz!!


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Mar 27, 2005
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whats the hichest amount of TV channels you have foun whilst scanning?
sorry no prizes.
the most I can get is what the cable company offer. I don't think its possible to get anymore.

he wanted a specific number lol u meanie. how many channels do you find in a scan? as i never find all the ones that my cable company offers. (Always have to mix and match service files)

i sometimes get between 190 and 210, but mostly get upto 230 channels. thats only if im lucky. so yeah, im missing quite a few - they cant be good channels tho as i havent noticed which 1s arent there!
I get around 200, but if you scan and only find x amount of channels how do you know if its all that cc are sending ? if you dont find some you dont know they are there !
I have seen peoples service files where the channel numbers exceed 250... which leads me to think that I'm missing the odd channel.

I've heard of people with DVB-C cards that get nearer the 300 channel mark... hmm
are we counting the channels that show up more than once bbc etc
I'm in a twest area so there really isn't that many channels (compared to nthell). But I was wondering if I had al the channels the other day so I searched here: http://www.telewest.co.uk/html/sorter/channels_full.htm

and I get everything they offer everytime I do a 6952 scan. But if I use bruteforce I miss quite a few.

The service.xml files with over 300 surely have alot of data and radio channels and the usual shite test and btvservice channels.

just did a scan now with gavs new image, found 307 tv channels 433 total, much more than normal