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Nov 13, 2005
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Hi i was wondering the best way for 2 pc's to have the internet on from my cable modem without both pcs being at risk if one got a virus?????
ok so..

ok so if i got a virus on one pc is there any chance of getting it on the other from the infected pc?????

and am i able to acces both computer files on one pc or would i need to set up a network?? :s
You would be able to share files, printers and other resources if you used a router. I'm not saying that it is the only way of doing things though.

Most routers are configurable through a browser on a connected machine.

Most have an inbuilt network switch which allows you to connect four PCs, by adding another switch or hub you could connect more machines if needed.

A good point of some routers is a firewall which prevents unwanted things between internet and your network and vice-versa. Routers vary on how configurable their firewall is.

If both machines are to use the internet, anti-virus software is recommended on both.
jus download the pcgurad the anti virus program for blueyonder and set up a network you can also use a vi-fi network if you have a laptopso you can be in the garden and be on the internet
its quite easy to set up a home network (with XP) when connecting 2 PC's to the internet to a router.

But I would advise you to have antivirus, firewall and antispyware software active on any computer connected to the internet.

though you will have to open connections in the firewall between your own 2 computers to allow them to connect together.
Totally agree with last post! Connecting to the Internet without up to date Antivirus software and also Spyware software is like Sleeping around without protection.... Only a matter of time... Ace while it lasts!
If your still up to the job :)

The best way to connect 2 PC's to a cable modem would have to be the router.
Reasons ?

1. If your smart and get a router with a firewall as mentioned before, you can rely on internet security.
2. In the case of a network sharing the modem, you'd have to turn on the host PC to get internet on the other, a router is always on with the modem and cuts this annoying problem out.

As for viruses, unfortunately they travel by networks of all shapes and sizes. So any PC you attach to a network is fairly vulnerable. So as mentioned before get antivirus software on each machine. (I use trend microtech online, basically because its free and the pattern file for detecting the little blighters is always up to date).

But back on the bright side of things, routers are easy to set up and maintain. The configuration is usually in the shape of a webpage (instructions tell you the address to point Internet Explorer to) and from there you can open certain ports for whatever purposes you see fit. And as for the two computers connected to the router, there should be no firewall between them (only between the internet and the rest of the router)

If I have convinced you or you need any more help, then shout out :)
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