hi everyone need help with sagem box


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Dec 1, 2005
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hi everyone need help with sagem box iv managed to re flash two nokias with no problems by reading all the posts but im really stuck with this sagem ive tried all the images that r 1 chip images but none of them seem to find any channels plenty of transponders but never finds any channels what am i doing wrong the lastest image im using is the next gen that gav12345 has just posted iv followed the section for settin up a sagem and still no luck
There are many threads here that contain the exact same problem: "box finds transponders but no channels". Some of them have been found to have faulty SEC chips.

If you have a null modem cable, can you post the boot log?
hi liam thanks will try have to use other pc cause this one dosnt have a com port will post boot log later thanks kbw37