hi all noob question! am i in debug?


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Oct 21, 2005
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I am new to IT just started as linux jr admin a month ago and learning perl at the moment. I am trying to learn as much as i can but not sure about all the terms.

So i got my d*ox sa*em from lee bay it start with neutrino picture i did a brute force scan and got free channels from eN tea eL . But do i have to "flash" it into debug mode? is this debug mode? sorry if this is a really simple question.

if it is infact in debug mode what do i need to do next, flash it? i made a x-over cable today so i can do that when at home...
hi is there a image on the box

is it german or english
hi m8 your box is in debug you only need to relash if you want a diffrent image such as sportster
gav 12345. i think it was in english , i lived in germany and can read german so... I will check when home but quite sure its english...

savage basher.. I have dwn downloaaded images and channels (xml) . Is there a program for flashing o is it on the dbox already?

Thankyou for the help guys. Its great that you posted so quickly :)