Herzlich Willkommen


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May 26, 2005
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Herzlich Willkommen?? Has anyone come across this when they fiirst switch on their box... purchased a box in debug mode however seems it isnt, can't access network settings.

All i get is a blue screen with Herzlich Willkommen on it!

Any advice would be great, cheers


Just email the guys in germany, they said it should be in debug mode though has some orginal software on it and should be ble to flash the box.. i cant access the ip address tho
There is the original premiere software on the box.
If you get the numbers on the lcd screen debug mode is enabled.
Use IFA and flash a correct image from the download section.
cheers mgb, when you say numbers you mean the ip address etc.
Forget the IP address. The box get a ip from IFA only for the flashing procedure.