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Oct 21, 2005
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planet earth
Hi, im hoping someone on here can give me some suggestions, i have 2 d/box's

1. (bedroom) Nokia D/box 2, 2xchipsets, avia 600L, connected through cable tv feed, using sportster 1.75uk image
2. (living room) Nokia D/box 2 2xchipsets, avia 500, connected through F-connector using cable modem feed, using sportster 1.75uk image

Yesterday i went upstairs and put my Dbox on, channels came on ok, then after a short while, the channels would dissapear when i turn them over, the channels are still there, there is no channel not available message or anything like that the channel will come on but the screen stays black and won't show the channels untill i reboot it, so i got in touch with gav who suggested i swap my boxes over for a few mins and see if it still happened which i did and it did still happen so i swapped box's back i then downloaded gav's new image and installed that in the d/box from upstairs, even tho it looks like a very good image i was having some trouble picking up the transponders and channels, also it didn't fix the problem, so i put my sportster 1.75uk image back on, i was then able to pick up all my transponders and channels again, only the box is still losing its picture to a black screen, i can change channels as much as i want but once that black screen has come up it won't show me any channel i switch to untill its been rebooted, anyway i didn't know quite what to do after trying a different feed and a different image, so i put my box back in the bedroom shut the door, sighed heavily and picked up the remote for my d/box which is in my front room, watched it for a few moments and the same thing started to happen, i can't understand why, i have had my boxes for about 3 weeks now and i hadn't seen anything like this happen untill last night, first the box in the bedroom now the box in the living room, if anyone has any ideas or anyone who has had this problem and sorted it could help me it would be much appreciated

thanks in advance
emma & philllip