hi newbie here

and i applogise if this is a repost, but despratly needing help!

anyway just got my sagem dbox2 and was loading up the img file to attempt to change it from the german network to the british one - edinburgh to be precise when my annoying little brother tried to help and clicked the wrong file and flashed the wrong file to my box it now gets to the loading kernal part of start up and freezes is there anyway i can sort this?

also does anyone have a img file for changing this to the edinburgh network as the one i have isnt the right one

cheers guys and sorry for being a pain in the rear
hello mate

jus try loading another image agian

just try any from the download section

what is ur chip is it 1x or 2x and

all the images should work
not sure how do i check if it s a 1x or 2x and ive been trying to mate but cant seem to load into it as i was doing it just through ftping it when it was connected to my router
wel jus try gavs latest image and see what happens
this is the error i get when trying to flash to the box using an ethernet cable

*** Achtung: RSH ist bei fast allen Linux-Images nicht konfiguriert/aktiviert!
*** RSH wird also nur funktionieren, falls ihr euren Linux-Kernel gepatcht habt.

wud my problem be resolved if i use a nullmodem cable

im attempt to flash to this box using the dbox2 image flash assistant