help with winexplorer and tit2 card


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Aug 16, 2005
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hi,ive followed a few tuts now on tit2 cards,but when i get to winexplorer i start to get problems,when i have to Select File  Open Script and select the file loadeep.xvb,then Select Card  Execute Script

You will then be prompted to select a valid bin file. This is the one you made earlier with NagraEdit

i cant select anything,,it keeps saying TIME OUT 2A COMMAND,,,can any 1 tell me why this is please,,,many thanks,i hope some1 no's how to get over this
did you check your settings in Winexplorer are set to titanium2?

Allso what OS is your titanim2?
Have you followed all instructions correctly ? ? Before you do Win win-explore did you open Nagra Edit 4.0 to edit .bin10 Image ? ?
yes ive followed all the tut properly,im useing a 2.01 tit card