Help with Nokia N95?


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Jul 28, 2005
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Hi all, I got a nokia N95 8gb off a friend a few months back and set about hacking etc you know the craic. After a bit playing with it I decided to have a go at changing the startup sequence and basically made an Ars* of it ! Now when I switch the phone on it boots as far as the white screen and the blue Nokia logo and thats it ! I have scowered the net for an answer and read all the posts regarding holding the call button & the * button and the # button whilst powering on the phone and that hasnt worked. I know the problem is to do with the startup files as thats what I was trying to change ! just not sure if theres anyway of fixing it ? I cant even connect the phone to my PC to re-flash it with the latest software. I am MEGA ANNOYED at myself for even attempting it (Stupid twa* that I am) can anyone suggest anything to get my phone working again or is it fecked ?

Cheers DGC808
Have you tried re flashing it with JAF yet ?