Help! With Gas Metre!! Urgent



Hi all,

Ok im going to get some flaming for this! :SHYTE

Ok ive opened up my gas token metre, the bottom bit, and there was 5 large batterys in a pack, now i seen this and put it back together and screwed the case back on,

Ok so 5 mins later, the wife says the cooker is not on, so i look at the gas and its saying off and call help!

So i called swalec up and they cant get someone out till tomorrow, they said it needs resetting!

So i was thinking, i have a 9 month old son in the flat and theres no heating, lets try and reset it my self, so i opened the box back up and took the battery out and unconnected it. now i put it back together and it says my card is not accepted and gas is off!!

What can i do my self other than wait till tomorrow? like i said my son is here and it gets pretty cold!

Hope someone can help! my fault! the wifes pissed! and im probaly on the sof tonight! : shocked2
why did you mess with it in the first place when the gas company come out sleeping on the sofa will be a luxury comperd to a cell or a verry verry big fine
You are stupid thats the only word i can think to say with a young child in the house and your playing about with something you know nothing about a pure fool as far as i can see.They will know you have tampered with it so get your self ready for a police visit
messing about with cable boxes is 1 thing ...but gas meters !! putting peeps lives in danger. id expect the police m8. sorry cant help on this.
You will have to wait till transco or their agent comes to reset it, it has an anti tamper device to prevent misuse, i would say to them you knocked it by accident when they come or u may find yourself in deep manure.
i know t was stupid yes. the only reason i done it was the gas lately is really going quick! were watchng what we use but still the same.

wish i didnt tamper!

: grim :
dont worry about it m8 just hit them with a bulshit story and rough it out for tonite a few extra blankets u will be fine ther will be no coppers or any of that bull
They will come straight out and reset the meter but have a good story coz they don't go off for fun.

You cannot trick the electrnic ones, by the way anyone with the old blue meter can turn it round and the numbers will run backwards ;) but don't let it run to far...
....and don't light a match

seriously, though, say u had a new sofa or summing deliverd, and it knocked into it...or summing, u obv know the layout of your room better than any1else
Tampering with Gas meters : tosser : what the hell are you doing that for? to save a few pence?....I'm glad my family and I don't live next door to you!!!
But I do hope the family/s around you know about you tampering with it, so they can expect being blown into next week!!!
u will be fime m8 dont wory it will only be a gas enigineer that comes and the chances are he wony give a fook just tell him you were trying to fix the heating and fooked it up just play dumb to him and u will be fine
they wont care, you probley triggered the safty valve which u wont be able to reset as some are "one time use's" and some are built into the meter that have to be reset with a handhand comp , (somtimes its on the line in before the meter in a glass/perspect case)

which ever way im sure you have learnt the lesson
well if he is an on call engineer he is gonna be pissed off at being called out on a Sunday.
Better let the wife deal with it with some sob story and give him tea and your best biscuits.
I like your sense of humour m8 ie saying you expect a "flaming" :flame: for messing with your gas meter.
Priceless m8
Don't panic mr mannering, firstly, the gas man won't be p*ssed off for coming to your home on a sunday, thats what he's paid for, secondly, depending where your meter is situated i.e... cleaning cupboard etc..... just say you threw the polish in the cupboard and the next thing you knew, the gas had gone off. I've had to call them ouit during the night before when my had gone off and displayed 'call help' it got knocked during decorating, the guy that came out to me said ' some are sensitive than others, they have a built in antitamper proof device in them, if it gets knocked it thinks it's being tampered with (as in your case) so it shuts it self down'. He told me his mother 'n' law threw the polish in the cupboard once and it shut down and yet some others takes a little more than a nudge to shut it down. He will only get surspious if he can see signs of the meter defaced in anyway. God must off been on your side last night, so let this be a lesson to you.
its the whole opening up of the meter that has got me worried i worked for transco (0800111999) a while back but on the outside part not with meters but they have a anti tamper device balance swing thing say you were hovering and knocked the meter and if your lucky you will get away with it
Shipoftheline said:
you wanna bet there on a cushy number believe me

Yeah my mate works for transco, when he's on call get time and a half but if he's actually called out he get's double time.

That's how I know about the spinning blue metre scam and that's also why they are slowly getting rid of those types of meters and replacing them with eith a cream one or a digital on...
Dutcho said:
they are slowly getting rid of those types of meters and replacing them with eith a cream one or a digital on...

With the latest digital ones they wont even need to knock on ur door to get ur reading they will drive past with there comp on : shocked2