help with D1400IN please


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Oct 24, 2005
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hi there im new to this brill site and im hoping that someone can help ?? my set top box is giving me hell !!! the picture was freezing a lot so i thought maybe the chip on the ntl card was getting too hot so i put the box on standby with the remote to cool it down a bit. but instead of staying in standby the box automatically started tuning - ??? now i am faced with the problem with a box that thinks it is on standby but the tune word is showing ? i have tried rebooting it but there really is nothing i feel i can do to get the box out of standby mode and back to normal?? please if you have experienced this or know how to solve this please help as im stuck cant see the how to fix it or what could make a difference ??? thankyou for your help patsy :Cheers:
dont want to sound picky as it is your first post
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thanks for your advice jimmy q wasnt too sure how too start the ball rolling as a new member thanks, patsy
the DI4001 models have a lot of problems with overheating which can cause a burnt out caps etc

check ure SNR in engineers menu (hold up and down keys on box then apply power cord) to make sure ure feed is ok, if thats ok, just leave the box in tune for about 1 hour max (lazy tuner)

if this dont work, a cap is burnt out :(
thanks for getting back to me i cant get the engineers menu up at all like i said the box thinks its in standby but tune word is showing !!! it sounds like maybe something has gone inside ?? whats a cap ?????? please explain thanks patsy
hi there could you explain what a capacitor is please ?? does it sound like i need a new one as box is doomed ??? please explain as i really would like to get down to the problem and fix it if possible !!!! thankyou, patsy
its a long road m8, if capcitor is burnt, happy hunting. search under capacitor for 4001 you will find some thing usefull.
it all sounds a bit difficult but i dont mind a challenge so will follow your advice and thanks for that and keep you posted,!! thankyou, patsy
Pull the plug, pull the red jumper inside the box for 20 seconds, put it back.. Hold the ch down key and power on till the display says "boot".... See what happens....and report back.
hi there tried lots of advice but it wasnt to be so changed box and now all is cool