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Nov 4, 2005
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Help i recently bought my father a sagem dbox he lives about 2mins from my house.. i done all the normall gubbings flashed sporster and so on and it worked fine down my house and so does my nokia.. i take it up his house and plug it in its ok but freezes... but my nokiia is ok up his house..
also i have sig strength is 0 plzzzzzzzzzz help
Sagem and Nokia boxes tend to work on different signal conditions, etc. You might need to remove an attenuator at his house, or you might need to add one (3db). You might also need a booster.

If you havent already; take out the modem from inside the box, as that stops alot of freezing problems.

If all else fails then try my EnigmaX revsion 2.1 image I have just posted, as apparently it cures 99% of freezing problems and is one of the most stable images available.


I'll second Liam, my Nokia works fine downstairs and up but my sagem wont work at all unless i put in a booster. Stick in a booster and it works a treat. Also my sagem has never frozen once and is actually a lot more stable than my nokia. Luck of the draw i think. Try a booster.

Just the usual £7 effort mentioned previously in the forums from argos.
thxs guys just brought the sagem back to my house and it saying no sig in my house now were as the nokia has a strong sig strength in my house is this to do witha booster do u think?
just installed a bboster and it seems to have boosted the sig to 3000 so hopefully this will work also were do i find the modem in the sagem cheers guys
I have a sagem that was freezing, I tried everything then I flashed Gavs nextgen19.11.05 2x image it is in the downloads section and all is now fine.

This image has the newcamd and is very sagem friendly.

I suggest you try this.

worked for me.

Thats great. I thought a booster would sort it for you!

If you take the lid off the sagem, the modem is the little square board attached to the mainboard.

Its sort of raised and held in by a screw at the back and a long screw inside the box, its a piece of p1ss to get it out.

You can double check where the modem is by lining up the back of the box so you can see the little rj11 socket.