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Oct 30, 2005
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Help me please , Having big trouble here , i have di400 , a tit 2 and a fun card, Both blank, i have id , and box code , infinity usb programer , live in the newport area South/Wales . Right then , i have folowed some of the tut's right down to the letter but i just cant seem 2 gt the bas**** 2 work , what i would like is some advise as 2 the easist way to make the files i need for my area etc image , ineep crp key etc , because this is doin my head in lol

Many many thanks gyprock
ok i will tell u what happen , the guy that used to do my card for 10 pounds every month , went up 2 fiffteen , then he wanted 20 , to much , so unkown to me he left me with a blank purple fun card , and he also left a tit2 card by mistake , so im left with a box and a blank funcard but as i say i have the id and bk

thanks gyprock
So your box was working, that's a good start.

If you have your IRD and more importantly your Boxkey then there shouldn't be much difficulty

Generate Flash file for your Funcard with the RsT hex generator, use the latest Internal EEPROM file from downloads.