Help please removal tool registry smart


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Sep 14, 2006
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St James Park
Downloaded registry smart the day as just curious said it was free google but it asked for 30 bucks i now cant unistall it i removed it from add remove programs but its still in my programme files and pops open every 20 mins are so blah blah its obviously a pest to anyones system anyone got god removal tool please

PS i want to delete one folder not my full computer lol its happend before
oh and never download regitry smart its bollox
try starting in safe mode,then delete files and folders belonging to registry smart
and if you feel confident enough you may want to delete any traces of it from your registry.
The program is obviously running when the machine boots. Download Autoruns and untick all the parts belonging to this program. Then delete the files.

Use something like ProcessExplorer to check that no other processes are running for this program