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Aug 21, 2005
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I am just about to do my first box, which i bought today
im still waiting for my programmer which should arrive tommorow
anyway i bought the box home and cut the talkback, i then connectected it to the cable feed and turned it on, it comes up with a screen saying something about, i cant get the channels because of a wire or something and that i should reboot.
is this normal?

p.s. i obviously havent put a card innit - PACE4010

thx in advance
Disconnect the cable feed to the box, insert the card and boot the box into the engineers menu and check out the card revision?
If its a82 or more likely B0C I would advise you to jtag the box to get the boxkey and use your programmer to write either an Atmega or tit2 card. if the revision on the card is B08 or lower you may be able to unlock the card with your programmer to obtain the boxkey and then write an AU mosc.
As for the screen message, you need to be a bit more specific?
IF the message says you need to check the cable feed then you need to check that your cable feed is live (if you don't have a subbed box, connect the cable feed directly to your tv aerial socket using f-type to coax adaptor and scan the frequency range - you should find normal analgue terrestrial signals plus a few others if your feed is live).