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Mar 30, 2005
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Hi guys

I have just ordered one of these thought see how different it is to my dbox..anyway read the tut...understand what to do but a couple of questions to make it clearer..I have read there are two files one for north and one for south..not able to find either of these. Then there is a new fix that all I need or do I still need these other two files..where can they be found? not in downloads had a look.

I take it I just upload the new fix file to the box then scan as I dont have a channel file for bradford...let me know guys help is appreciated..
This doesnt answer your query but could somebody from this section please knock up an easy-to-follow tutorial using the new autoupdate fix and i will make the thread a sticky in the downloads section :)

Cheers liam that will help..alittle confusing with the old and new files..bought one anyway so going to give it a go...

instructions on how to flash your new 2xscart eurovox

all you need is the DnUpMan program a null modem cable and a cable feed

Connect cable input to the RF in socket on your eurovox, Also connect box to your pc with null modem cable and also to your TV with scart or RF in socket.

download the official fix software for eurovox 2 scart

Open the DnUpMan program and click on browse to find the software you just downloaded

turn on the power to the box and wait untill 4 dashes (----) appears on the front of the box.

Click on download in theDnUpMan window. click start in the following window. If your box has not been flashed before the box will flash up..."system reset", unplug your box from the mains then plug back in again
dnld will appear flashing on the front display. this will only take a few minutes

when the flash has completed you will see 0000 displayed on the box

on your tv screen you should have a message pop up saying "please check cable status" press the exit button on your remote.

Now press the blue button "powerscan" then the OK button, that will scan all frequencies and find all transponders in your area, Then it will scan them all for channels. this will take a bit of time, about 30-40 mins.
thanks mate will give this a go so i take it the two area files are no longer required with the option of all I will do is download the latest fix file see where that takes me ..will report when i get my box...thanks
I have uploaded a slightly edited version of your instructions to the downloads section and made it a sticky. If theres anything there thats incorrect or you want changing then let me know. And thanks for your input :)

Got my box and well like you said guys that was so much easier then dbox2 ..only prob I had was i needed my PC instead of laptop due to having to use null cable. But it took less than 5 mins to setup. I was impressed with the scan it took me 15 mins max to get all channels.

One prob I have found...Prem Plus I love my footy..anyway I have the channel and when no match is I get the screen pic telling me whats on etc and thischannel with show the game ...but when the match starts the screen goes blank and no footy dbox was fine the game came on.

any ideas??? if the channel moved then I would not have got the screen showing what channel its etc ...

another query can we have more than 4 fav groups?

other than this its brill not one freeze.
i had the same problem with Prem Plus

when the football match starts (best to do it around kick off) do a powerscan.

U should get the matches from then on

hope that works, worked for me today :Cheers:
sorted will try that next time the prem plus games on..anyway of changing the freq or editing the channel with the right freq its moved to saves me then doing a power scan and loosing all the channel set up which took me ages...

When a power scan is done i take it the change of names and fav all dissapear?

unlike the dbox where u can keep existing bouquet etc
if u do another powerscan u will have to rename all the un-named channels again

but it will keep your channel order

dont know about Fav, dont use it :mexican:

im new to the eurovox too, so freq, i think on mine is, 499.000MHz

i dont know if u have to do a powerscan everytime a match starts, but i hope not
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Can someone confirm this though I went to menu and i think its user config its the 2nd last option..this seems to allow you to do a scan, manual, power scan..and allows you to choose a channel...i feel the channel is the transponder...when ticked lets say the transponder that prem plus is on if i then scan will it scan just that transponder..this may not be the case but the menu gives you the feel thats what it will do...anyone try this or shall I give it a go tonight and report back..
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Hello. I just received a Euro Vox (2 scart) for Christmas.

When I go to the 'User Installation' section I have "Please check your cable status" displayed. Running the 'Power Scan' (as I was told to do) results in only one channel being found but there are no channels available from the 'Channel Configuration' screen.

Also, am I supposed to be setting a symbol rate for 'Power Scan' or can I just run it in 'Full' mode and it will sort itself out?

Please help!

Many thanks.

BTW, I haven't done any software updating of the box.