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Apr 25, 2005
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hi guy i have a sat set up but when it rains i lose most channels is this because the installer as put on a cheap lnb or is it something else
cheers hairy
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Rain does affect the signal a little bit but usually just on weak signals, water may be getting in cable connection at dish but this would affect all channels
hi mate even on free to air which the signal strenth is around
65 to 70 percent the only channel i had was bbc1 which was freezing , now its stopped raining its back to normal ??????????
could be the dish is a little offline/borderline and when it rains drops the signal just a bit too much, I get the same sometimes on certain channels when it's pissing down

65 to 70 % sounds low if you are talking about bbc and you are in the uk. I'd also say the dish may be out of alignment. It could be a duff lnb, or it could also be that you have something like a tree or bush or roof slightly in the way, or may need a larger dish for some reason. Having low signal to start means that when it rains and drops even lower it isn't enough signal to work.
either your dish is too small or it just wants re-aligning if its a fixed dish the skew on the lnb may need correcting.
ive sorted it now basicly i changed the lnb and that raised my signal a little bit.
anyway the guy where i bought it from said that he's had a few problems with the same dish (triax 88cm ) he told me to put abit cardboard under the arm that holds the lnb and it should be ok ,he was rite
Question has anyone else had problems with this dish or could it be a manufacturing problem
thanks hairy
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