help needed please!! lost benq dvd key


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Oct 22, 2008
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hi guys and girls made a right pigs ear of flashing a xbox360 with stock firm ware but i thought i'd saved the dvd key but i didnt yeah i know t*t now i cant get the thing to work just wants to play dvds the key i thought i had is onl 16 bytes but it was bigger any help would be much appreciated i know your all guru's on these issues im just a tw*t i'm hoping i can get it sorted or i'll need to fork out on a new consol
kewl so all a need to do is learn how to do that unless theres anyone in ayrshire that can do it for me lmao
Dont get too excited yet as you do realise that not all box`s can be jtagged , have a read here h**p://
The drive key is 16 bytes.

Also, if you used a recent JF, it will log any read keys in the KeyDB
i used jf v0.1.67 oggy m8 but when i flashed the first time it didnt work so i re did it but for some reason i didnt save it cause i did a few benq's and was gettin quite good at it so thought there would be no probs with it but when i went to re do it i over writ the keyor something and im left with one with the wrong key im a pure tatty
thanx for all yer help gurus i just bought a pre owned one then took the fooked one back and swaped it so got to pre owned ones that work yipee