Help - Link for Dbox Command Centre

shaun313 said:
Have looked for the link everywhere, who can help?

just to let you know you posted this in the downloads only section

have moved to the right dbox section

Who can help?? Maybe me, the author lol. But just to say that its probably not worth even bothering with dbox command centre - although it looks good, it actually caused more problems than any other method used to communicate with the box. The software was buggy and only worked on a handful of XP computers.

You are probably better off using IFA (Image Flashing Assistant) to play with your box, or using FTP (see a couple of guides on here for info). I have now updated my tutorial and as it says at the top of the thread: "I am no longer supporting the DBOX Command Centre method".

I dont think I actually have the file anymore either for you to try. Perhaps another member still has it, if you really want to give it a go.

There is a new Software in the making over at Tuxbox Forum and I will keep you updated ;-)

Loads of features are now included in YJogols Webinterface anyway ;-)