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Oct 28, 2005
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Hi Guys,

I recently purchased my 2nd Nokia Dbox2 but after doing a scan I am missing alot of channels ie. All the Discovery channels, UKTV's, Skysports 2 and probably some more. I have tried serveral different Sportster image's and even used a backup image from my 1st box but channels still missing. I live in a TW area and used both the cableuk 6952 and Bruteforce to scan. I pickup 228 Transponders and 131 channels. I have even used the services xlm for my area but still can not receive all channels. Orginally the BBC channels had no pictures but I removed the modem and now I receive the pictures. But other channels still missing.

I really dont know what else I can do. Anyone have any suggestions?
What are your signal levels like?
Press the RED then BLUE buttons whilst watching a channel and tell us the numbers for your BER, SNR and SIG.
SNR=43100 (changes abit)
SIG=41111 (changes abit)
If you already have not done so
Take out any splitters or antenuators and put the feed straight to the box
Your ber is high
Your snr is way to low ideally it should be around 60000
Your sig is ok.
see if that helps.
I have reconnected the box now my levels are

BER 26214
SNR 56000
SIG 41120

BUt still lost alot of channels. Do you think if I used a different type of image like box cracker will make a difference?
snr is is now just over the min requirement
If you have one try another cable
make sure the outer copper braid is not touching the central copper feed
you could also bypass the filter in the white box were the feed comes from.
You could try another image to see if it improves it
also try a booster
Hope this helps.