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Mar 29, 2007
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Hi there, can anybody confirm if the Onkyo TX-SR507 5.1 can output an audio signal back from my tv, the TV has an HDMI (ARC) source, i know the Onkyo has 4 HDMI inputs but i would also like to have surround sound back from the TV

Onkyo website ,

I have 3 sources ready to connect to the inputs and I have found this unit for sale for £200.00, looks ideal for what I need, just need to know if the "ARC" source would allow the hd receivers in the TV be heard in surround sound, thanks nelly
Got my own answer today, dropped into the seller, yes it will receive an audio signal from the TV however sold out, next model available is £300.00, didn’t realise they were so large compared to home cin’e kits, ended up coming away with nothing.

Plan "B", now asked Panasonic if the HDMI (ARC) outputs audio from the TV tuners only or does it include the other HDMI inputs, whilst I’m waiting for Panasonic to get back to me (5days+), if anybody know's the answer to this it would be appreciated, ta.
the ARC returns tuner audio only outlined here, . The only amps that can recieve this audio channel are HDMI V1.4 (i.e the tsxr507 wont but the TSXR508 WILL!)

so your setup will be BLU-RAY>>>AMP>>><<<TV
Thanks for the reply, I had done some searching before I raised the question and had seen the item you linked to, which seems to gloss over the issue and would be considered hardly definitive, also so far if pushed I would agree with you, but I still have to do some more testing, but and this is a big but, the reply from Panasonic came back as follows:-

"In response, the television should output the same audio signal to the Audio Return Channel that it receives, whether from the integrated tuners or other inputs.

We trust that the above information will be of assistance to you. However, of course, if you should have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us".

I settled on a surround sound instead of an amp alone which gave me HDMI and 2 optical inputs so I have the best of both worlds and just need to decide which I prefer, Nelly.
sounds good to me, it will be interesting to know how you get on. I wonder why pana cant give a definitive answer for the question, It would be inportant as your optical inputs wont handle lossless true HD / dts MA. Unless of course the bluray is built into your audio system
Right then results so far,

Sky box to home cinema via optical Dolby Digital works fine, via HDMI to TV then out via ARC to home cinema only stereo.

PS3 to home cinema via optical Dolby Digital works fine, via HDMI to TV then out via ARC to home cinema only stereo again.

So it looks like ARC will pass stereo only, I assume the output to the ARC, HDMI occurs after the processing for the TV’s inbuilt speakers and not directly from HDMI in to HDMI (ARC) out. (For info the TV & home cinema system are both Panasonic and have the latest firmware updates).

I intend to contact Panasonic again to try and clarify these results. {See below}

Hawkish, yes the blueray is built in to the surround sound, sets it self up when detecting disc and then sets the TV via Viera link, (lossless true HD / dts MA), superb sound and picture.

Panasonic have been quick to reply this time:-

"In response, the reason that the Sky audio is not 5.1 channel sound is that a Sky box does not output 5.1 channel sound via the HDMI output, for this I would suggest connecting the Sky box directly to the home cinema via optical cable, as you have done.

The console cannot connect via Viera Link and hence why it is not able to decode the 5.1 channel sound. I apologise as I may not have been clear in my previous email; the TV can output received 5.1 audio via the ARC if a Viera Link function is enabled and compatible."

So in conclusion:

1. Sky box "my bad" for the time being SKY don't put out 5:1 on the HDMI, it will have to stay on the optical input (luckily the sound sys will auto switch to one of the 2 opto inputs), but if it did due to item (2) is still wouldn’t work probably.
2. But as for the PS3? Well Panasonic passed the buck there and blame Sony for not being Viera compatible, what a load of B"^O@(ks, agreed standards my A£$e, lucky for me the kids know how to switch it over when they want it for the PS3.
3. HDMI (ARC) will pass through 5:1 sound [as long as all your items talk to each other], same manufacturer!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm no expert but hope this information helps others..

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