DVB - PC Cards HD Multi tuner


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Nov 1, 2004
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Hi All

i have seen this on ebay

it clams to be a multi tuner

this is part of the add in english

Multi-done PVR - simultaneous business of up to four TV-cards of the series of EasyWatch possible as a "Multi-done" we designate a system with which several TV-cards (done) are incorporated. In EasyWatch HDTVS and the EasyWatch series of PCI, you can combine up to four products together. At the same time it plays no role whether the TV-cards differ in its reception natured (DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C, DVB-T). They or look at a program while other shipments are received. "PVR" stands for "personal video Rekorder" and to store designated the possibility records directly on a hard disk.

does this look like it could be used on our cable lines
new to this but like the idea of the HD TV
I think you will find that this is DVB-S only so for satellite

Although doing a babelfish translation produces this :

Multi multi-Tuner PVR - simultaneous enterprise of up to four TV maps of the EasyWatch series possible as "Multi multi-Tuner" we designate a system, with which several TV maps (tuner) are inserted. With EasyWatch HDTV and the EasyWatch PCI series can combine you up to four products. It does not play a role whether the TV maps differ in its receiving mode (DVB s, DVB-S2, DVB C, DVB t). Or they look at themselves a program, while other transmissions are taken up. "PVR" stands for "personal videos Rekorder" and designates the possibility recordings directly on a non removable disk to store

Very confusing