has anyone updated opus


Mar 16, 2005
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has anyone updated opus IHAVE

have you updated opus?and has it auto updated?how did you do it.I down loaded update but could,nt do it I,m on win xp sp2.do i need fire wall off or something?do i need full dos?I tied to update through the run cmd dos window,all it doe,s is flashes and dissapears and my opus is wiped and in phoenix3.58.any help appreciated.I have now done it with th help of TBC
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same thing happend to me. but i still managed to upgrade to 1.04. if you keep on clicking really fast the dos window should open give it ago and let me know.
Your card isn't updating because you have to fully erase your opos card using opos loader then try updating it.
Ok M8 Got Dos Window Up entered upd_com1.bat got reply upd is not regognised as an internal or external command also dragged and dropped the application into the dos window.
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each com port file is what is known as batch file.

batchfiles are files that contain a series of dos commands. these are basic low level commands.

a file with the .bat extension is recognized by windows as a config file.

if you drag and drop the file into the dos window then you are sending a direct instruction to the disk operating system as appose executing a batch command.

so you will receive the error "udp not recognised as a command" because it is the contents of the file in it entirety that has to be executed and not the filename.

a double click on the batchfile in windows should bring up the dos comand prompt window, then each command in the batchfile will be offered to the operating systems.

a sample dos command = echo off (meaning do not show the following of echo to the monitor literally)
that is why you get a window and it doesn't seem to do anything.

if for instance the command is to access the com port 1 and it is not valid or available the batch file will terminate as there is an error. because you run windows and are not operating in native dos, windows is seeing the error and closing the batch file without ever looking like it has done anything. hence you don't get to see the dos error reported. this is because windows is actually a psuedo operating system working you computer through a simple low level disk operating system.

you problem is thus - your com port is not available, your programmer is not configured the way it should, the card is not responding correctly ect.. ect.. the list basically goes on.

The only fact is you have an error external to the opos 1.04 updating software. which is a low level programme that works below your windows XP.

have you set the baud rates correctly on your com ports ect little things like that could mean you have to click on the batch file a number of times...

you will have to try toggling the settings.

a fact is that your card will not get Fcuked if the software can't access it - so you have not 1 single knackered card from trying to do this as long as you have not been able to get the batchfile executed, because it hasn't done anything to the card that wasn't already done.

once you get to a certain stage in the update programme it will warn you against interupting it - if you ignore this then this is the point you get fcuked cards.

since you have so deftly knocked me in the past for trying to lead you in the right direction there is little point in me running through settings on your pc ect.. with you and in point of fact i am not inclined to do so.

i have given you in this post all the information you should rquire to fix this PC problem.

changed my mind LOL below is the instructions to manually activate the programme try it.
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format a floppy disk.
copy the opos.exe programme onto it

open the dos command window and enter
" a: " not the qoute marks - then enter
you should see


now type "updateopos104.exe / com X" where X= the comport your programmer is attached to. now press enter.

the programme should start up if you programmer is in pheonix mode 3.68hz.
ok application is on dos disk here we go,ok this is what i done not as easy as tbc said,i made dos disk opened it in my comp,draged the application from the opus 1.04 update into floppy.opened upthe floppy through the run, typed cmd,the dos window opened,i typed a:then i dragged the upd_com1.bat1 into the dos window and hit enterancard udatedBIG THAANKS TO TBC.now i gotta write to it.
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i have used the following files and tw image to update my opos card yes it does Au very quickly and have ppv on cr2 so every one enjoy all the files uploaded i can't remeber were the files. firstly get the image off your opos
card using winexplorer and then the erase the card and then updated to 1.04 but make sure you have all the keys before updating please

the opus did,nt au?????whats up???i used all your stuff


I have managed to update opos to 1.4 and using pure rom10 image but when I use winexplorer i get the following error

Script Error on Line 90
Sc.Read: Timeout Reading Data From Card - 6 Bytes Requested, 3 Bytes Read

I am using USB infinity at 3.58 phoenix mode

Can some help me

Make sure you configure the Program Parameters settings in winexplorer mine are set to TitaniumCard_Nagra_Settings.

When i got this error i saved these settings and it worked for me.
Opos Auto update

Thanks for your reply. Tried as you suggested but same problem. I will try using Widows98 and it might work. But my question is am i wasting time trying to reprogramme my opos card after updating to 1.04 . I live in pure n*l area. Has anyone succeeded and did it auto update.
opus 1.04 au-dating on pure nthell using twobeercans files he put up last week. tried and tested this way.
go to thread starter yuo,ll see opus au software rar and opus 1.04 update.Your using the wrong image,or loadeep.you have to erase card and program it with new hex ,eep, and crypkey.also change your pheonix to 3.68,also chek your filing system in nagra!!!!!!
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Opos au!!!!

I program my opos with the new Fix files and au no problems,delete the card first I use USB Infinity and use the new files read the tutorial in notepad and it work straid away,no problems I use Windows XP and SP2

Hasta la vista:Smileysex
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opus 1.04 programmed

Thanks Cob ob
I managed to programme to card as instructed and it works . Just waiting for key change just to be sure.
My opos went down 2 hours ago, but I used your files and all's well again.
Thanks yameenmalik. Cheers mate !!!!
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