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Mar 16, 2005
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Got a problem with a hard drive.I had an operating system installed on but wanted to format.Linked it up to another pc as slave then formatted as this was then d drive.Took all data off but when i try to put xp back on i get NTLDR not found restart.Have i knackered it or can this be reinstalled? Normally i would just put xp straight back on the usual way but tried to take everything off.Any ideas - Cheers.
ntldr is got to do with the master boot record of the drive

erm u will need to install windows from cd and hd has to be in the computer were u gona use it

do a full format using setup cd

and pref use ntfs formattin (FULL)

and then xp disk will install on it

and u should be up and running in no time
It also happens if windows was installed wrong, this has happened to me a few times and the link I posted allowed me to get back onto windows and fix the problem.