halloween theme

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Its a witch on a broom where is your glasses lol.

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lets all go to the lobby

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@Mickie. Here's the Halloween header the right size mate. Also added one with the witch bigger in case people mistake the current one as a bat like bird carrying a kidney whilst balancing a rather turned on beetle!

Mind you, the witch might still look like that!!! :Laugh:
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Added it for you guys... please press ctrl F5 to see the newer version.

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@Mickie heres one without the witch. Looks ok as well mate ;)
Here's with the witch, but in black.
Leave the Witch alone!

@ snapman, superb work as usual mate.:Clap:
@Witchy... Somehow thought you'd like the Witch... don't know why.... lol .... thanks mate ;)
Yes snapman really great job as always, didnt mean to sound ungrateful m8

now about those av room icons :proud:

Didn't take it that way at all mate, had a good giggle! :Laugh:

Mickie and myself are working on the AV icons but they don't look right at the moment. Once we've got them looking the way that compliments the site I'm sure Mickie and the team will upload them as soon as mate.