hacked modem with wireless router


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Feb 24, 2007
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are there any issues using the modem sb4200i with a wireless router

Only If you never used this router with a subbed Modem. If you did get a new router.
cant i just reset the modem to factory settings, that should be ok shouldnt it

Yes but change mac aswell on the routers clone mac page(not sure if thats
100% correct its been awhile)
but change it anyway
as modem mac is spoofed...why and how can u change router mac...

im confussed...macs taken care of by cracked modem...anything after surely wont matter
he means spoof/change your router mac addie m8 as it will be registered to the last modem/mac u used
im not really sure m8...never changed 1 on router only modem
Ressting the router won't make any difference. What router have you got as not all router can clone a mac. Check your manual.
Ressting the router won't make any difference. What router have you got as not all router can clone a mac. Check your manual.

i have d-link DI-524

should it be ok with that, or shall i just order a new router for the new modem, also, can i use my modem and the one telewest gave me at the same time, thanks

i have just ordered a netgear wireless router for my new hacked modem,
can i still use my other router with my subbed modem for gaming and for my little brothers pc. thanks

There was an option to clone the mac of a network card in your pc in your router. If you had a network card that has never connected directly to cc than you could have cloned that mac on your router. I cant answer your question about your subbed modem as I have not got as far as you yet.
hey Fisal

When you connect to your Dlink routers config, on the home page select the wan tab on the right hand side of the screen, at the bottom of this page you should see a section called, Dynamic IP, here you have the option to clone the routers mac address, or enter a mac address of your own. I think by default this field is left blank. So either try it with the routers own mac in the box's, or enter your own.

Hope this helps

If I have the following setup
PC/NIC > Linksys Router > Subbed Cable modem (250)

If I wanted to use a hacked modem with my router will I simply need to create a new cloned mac on the router so its something like:

PC/NIC > Linksys Router (New MAC) > Hacked modem (250)
i have bought a new modem for my hacked modem, and i will be spoofing the network card, also i will start using my subbed modem with my original router for gaming, thanks for all your help