Gretna (they're back)


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Jun 4, 2005
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looks like Gretna are to start up again as an amateur club according to sources.
aint heard anyhting through this way
AFAIK the community are trying to bring the club back, but if they did with the exact same name etc would they not have to shoulder the debt?

yes mate but they could apply for a junior league?

I thought that once you quit the football league thats it, tbh I dont know enough about this one - but surely they would have problems using the same name going forward? Maybe something in the style of AFC Wimbledon?
I could see them come back in a different form ie Clydebank a few yrs ago who went bust and came back in Junior football.
They would have to apply to the relevent league to ask for admission.
or the comeback or Airdrie

strated as Airdrieonians then came back as Airdrie United (BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Mon The Well!!)

well if Third Lanark can do it so can gretna!

well if Third Lanark can do it so can gretna!


Third Lanark are back! That's nice to hear. The deliberate bankrupting of Third Lanark by the chairman, in order to sell the land, was one of Scottish football's most shameful episodes.
Thanks for that RABP. I remember watching them play Celtic at Parkhead, must have been in the early sixties.
Thirds were meant to be applying for league membership to take gretnas place

now that would be interesting

Well Accrington Stanley did it. They were resurrected and have been gradually working their way up through the leagues.
Five clubs have applied to replace Gretna in the Scottish Football League and play in Division Three next season.

Four of the teams - Annan Athletic, Edinburgh City, Preston Athletic and Spartans - currently play in the East of Scotland League.

Highland League champions Cove Rangers are the fifth club to apply.

The application deadline passed on Thursday and the clubs will be visited by a working group before a vote takes place on 3 July.

There were no formal applications from East of Scotland side Gala Fairydean and former senior outfit Third Lanark, who had also expressed an interest.

The vacancy arose after Gretna resigned from the SFL when administrators were unable to find a buyer for the club.

Interested parties are required to source a £100,000 bond on entry to the league.
do they have to pay £100,000 to enter the league?

Would like to see cove rangers do it because anytime theyve been in the cup always gave teams a good game.

Though could say that of spartans of lately and they seem to be everyones favourites and got a new stadium getting built the now.