green box outside


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Apr 5, 2007
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right ive got a weak sig problem in my house and was woundering if there was anything i can do inside the main green box out on my road?

A signal booster may helps. Also you can check if there is an attenuator inside the house. :)
i wouldnt suggest messing around with the green box mate you can get yourself in trouble
but if you got a weak signal you can get a booster from argos for around 7 quid
ive got a booster but everytime i plug it in my screen goes blank and before anyone says thats when the gain is turned fully down
phone them up and tell them that your tv keeps freezing or your bb keeps disconnecting and they should come and boost the signal. only phone them but only if you have a sub with them and imo every one should be if your going to use a dodgy box or modem.
i'd leave the green box alone fella, not only could you get into trouble and alert your provider that your upto something. but you could also kancker the whole street's tv and internet, making you a very unpopular guy in the neighbourhood!