Good make PSU recommendation?


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Jun 3, 2001
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This PC has a relatively cheap PSU in it and recently the machine has failed to start a couple of times, I guess that it will be the caps in the PSU being on their way out causing the PSU not to start up properly.

Before it fails completely killing something else while it's at it, can someone recommend an online retailer that supplied recognised good make PSUs? I used to use my local PC shop for everything but their power supply choice is limited.

I think someone mentioned Enermax from, any good?
Yep deffo go for the Enermax Spectre, have used Enermax for all my m/c's since three or four years ago and never had a ny prob's...they can be a bit on the expensive side...but shop around, but there well worth it cause you'll fit it and forget it.
A couple of filter caps look like their MTTF has been exceeded LOL, suprised it was starting at all.

I had some replacements so it's working again.

Out of interest electrolytic caps failing are a common cause of switched mode PSUs failing, sometimes they are easy to spot as they have popped their ends out and/or have stuff leaking out of them like these.
Thought I'd better get a new one and keep this repaired one as a standby.

I got the Enermax Noisetaker 600W.

Not cheap at £80+VAT but it seems to have a good build quality, wires are nice and long, connectors are plentiful for lots of disk drives. There is a lot of unused connectors and wires for newer mainboards etc and they do take up quite a bit of case room.

Nice and quiet though even with the fans on full.

Next day delivery was an extra £5 from above mentioned.