Gigablue quad: Bootloader killed after update


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Mar 25, 2016
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Hi all,

after some digging with new images I have got some seldom behaviour on my Gigablue Quad. The Bootlogo picture was some kind disturbed. I was trying to fix by re-flashing, also with different USB pen drive, but without success.

I connected the serial port and saw several messages of starting kernel and so on, but also some error messages - not important yet, please read next:

As last "chance" I have applied some bootloader update which has resulted in fully destroyed bootloader :-( No kernel nor bootloader messages on serial port anymore, the led remains red.

While maybe the reason for the first problems were defective pages in NAND chip, now my problem is much bigger than I have assumed first.

For some reason there is no ISP port on this board. Instead there is a BBS port, which is obviously something broadcom typical. It is called Broadband Studio connector and there is special software needed for it (Broadband Studio 3 with BCM7356 support) and a hardware connector (USB -> I2C). The hardware is ordered already. But the question is, where to get BCM7356 files for the Broadband Studio?

Maybe someone has solved this already?