Getting rid of sims2 ?


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Jul 27, 2005
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Andromeda system

I have a legitimate bought sims 2 game, however, it comes on 4 discs, so i managed to get hold of a copied version that was on dvd, since i have purchased the original i see no problem with getting this dvd version as it saves changing discs, i installed it on a freshly reformatted pc which is high end and up to date, i used the key supplied with dvd and crack etc, when it start i get a windows error box comes up but with no message to it, just the red cross in an empty dialouge box....anyway, i gave up on it and uninstalled it and started installing the game from my original 4 disc set, i put in the legitimate code for it and i got the same error again, has the pc some how remered i used i didgy code or something ?, i though it may be that it was a 64bit system and sims doesnt work, so i installed the original game onto another freshly formatted system exactly of the same specs and it worked fine, is there a way i can remove ALL traces of the game after install using some special tool as i dont want to really reformet the pc again.

You could try running a reg cleaner after you've run through the uninstall, or manually search through the registry to remove any keys that look like candidates, ie MAXIS, Sims etc...
Probably best if you use a reg cleaner, like Registry Mechanic or such...