get tom tom to work on pda


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Jan 27, 2006
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Hi how do i get tomtom to work on my qtek 9100. I have had a read around but still cant get it to work. Can someone please direct me in the right direction on what progs and files i need to download and how to install them and get them to work. Thanks in advance cheers
What operating system is it running mate?
Usually if its Windows, just get the TomTom 6 Software by ifalleni i think he is called (google) and put it in your external card and run it from your PDA. Also you will need a map. If you search the forums I think there is a link to get any map, just download the relavent one and put it in the home directory or your card. Be sure not to change the name of the folder as thats important.

Any problems, give me a shout.