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May 7, 2005
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how many of you are in a job/profession you like and the company.......

I guess i like my profession (IT) but hate the company......although if money wasnt an issue i would have done something else but cant think there anyone out there who has thought screw this, quit there job and done something they wanted to?
i dont mind my job im a designer of control system and the money is very good for the amount of work i actually do per day, but i would rather be at home doing what ever i wanted to. i have never met any one who really enjoys his/hers job. as long as you have enough will to attend each day and you are satisfied money wise then you may as well carry on untill somthing turns up. i wouldnt advise just saying sod it and jacking in as life has a funny way of kicking you in the teeth. i find jobs are like girls, when you have one there always seems to be better one's on offer, but when get rid of one they all seem to go missing. so i would surgest finding a new job whilst you still got one, even better look whilst your at work.
When i was in my teens working as a mechanic i thought stuff this ,dirty hands working outside in the snow etc So i packed it in and went as a pro musician and guess what i do now ?? Yup back in the motor trade but this time i own the garage still got dirty hands though
I like my job and the company is good too.

I was lucky and got an apprenticeship when I left school in Engineering which is what I wanted to do for a while.

I enjoy working with my hands and theres also some drawing and working little expensive gadgets which is always good.Started about 9 months ago and i've done different things every day so that helps.

And the company, I get 4 performance based bonuses, a big xmas bonus and a bottle and the wages arn't too shabby either.
Love my job always dreamed of being a teacher from being little and i had my dream come too so Yes Love it and wouldnt do anything else so I am a very lucky woman
I just go to work to earn a crust , not the best job in the world, but not the worst.
But I will retire in about 20 years, if I live to 70 that is .

No company pension !!!
Iam a Mechanical Engineer love my type of work but don’t really like
the company I work for.
Iam a Mechanical Engineer love my type of work but don’t really like
the company I work for.

Thats what i'm training to be.

What kind of things do you do?

All i've done so far is some fitting, a little machining, vibration testing and some balancing. Still not able to do most of the above on my own yet.

Do you do anything else? I've heard of other things we do but not sure what they are exacly.

Cheers, were always doing new things at my work will be good to see what else we could be doing.
started my job as a blacksmith (can still shoe a horse by the way)loved it till i wanted to earn more money went to college city and guilds and all that stuff full heavy and light enginering background coded welder as well was in the middle of a field up to my knees in mud welding a pipeline and thot enoughs enough now am in a job that i have to admit i really like in an oil refinery now
Was an security engineer. Hated travelling all over south and money was poor. Money no better but now work in retail helping people with all sorts of electronic, computer, electrical, toy, home AV problems.....etc etc etc. Jusy got promoted to Assistant Manager so things looking up hopefully. Won't tell who I work for otherwise you scary people may find me ;)
i love my job been in leisure for over 20 years , and have worked my way up to become the centre manager , and the company also good .
got a good job just the site manager is a t*t. classic bullied as a kid wants to be the "big i am" and take it out on everyone else!
used to enjoy my work until he took over.
i love my job been in leisure for over 20 years , and have worked my way up to become the centre manager , and the company also good .

Mr Brittas ?

I have done loads of jobs, got made redundant from a long term job, qualified as a domestic installer last year (electrical). Been working as a forklift driver and was offered a permanent position yesterday.

I took it as the firm is so laid back it is horizontal and there is no stress so not sure if I love it like the job before but no stress means a lot to me.
i work fixing roads and paths etc for the council its not great paid but alternate fridays every bank holiday and all weekend off i cant really complain about it too much.
would prefer to do something for myself but have no ideas or cash so that wont happen lol :)
Currently: Freelance IT Developer.

Goal: Pilot. (Funding my training through my current role)
I'm a Lab Technician for a oil/fuel company.

Love it to bits, I get to work with lubricants and my collegue is a woman. :D the company is top notch, proper laid back.

Before that I was a technician for one of the UK's biggest manufactorer of paving/landscape products. The firm is run by bullies and cock gaggers! Wasted 9 years of my life there, made no progress up the ladder, put up with some complete BS and in the end I aproached the HR manager and said this is the biggest load of bollox and I want out! He then poked me in the ear with his finger and said 'you need to fucking pull your socks up lad' and offered me 5k to F-off!

How proffesional! Lets all setup bogus emails and flood him with sexual offerings..
Love my job, been doing it for over 20 years now - looking after GP surgeries, sorting out funding and stuff. Really satisfying to be walking around a muddy field one week and then 18 months down the line looking around a brand new building. Money is a bit tight at the mo for new developments so it isn't quite as good as it was.
I HATE my job as a car builder for Nissan, but it pays the bills.

I worked for THAT company for 14 years and hated it. I left and now work for myself and I am so much happier. I still give the place the V's when and get that smell when I drive past on the A19.