Gavs Next Gen - Change the Web Interface


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Sep 19, 2005
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I have Gavs Next Gen image (newest one) installed on my Dbox and its seems very good. One question though - I would like to install the YWeb Version 1.40 web interface because the recordings that I get from it are superb ( I have a wireless network and most recordings are very pixelated/choppy).
How do I go about installing this?

You might find that the image quality is because you have a 'wireless' network. Some of the packets seem to disappear into cyber space and you end up with sections of video that don't match up. Try using a cable and see if that makes a difference.

I think some of the new images have yweb already install in them...not sure thought!
Cheers for the reply.
My dbox is downstairs and my pc is upstairs so I dont really want tp use a cable. When I record using YWeb Version 1.40, the recording is flawless for some reason. Using the wireless network, I can also stream mpegs to the dbox without glitches through VLC but the bottom 10% of the screen gets taken up by a horrible green stripe and I cant get rid of it. Any ideas?
wireless dbox2

I have a wireless network but my dbox2 nokia has a fixed efnet port on the back. How can i make this wireless as at the moment i use a cross over cable between my laptop and my dbox2 it would be great if i could make it wireless.

to change the web stuff wont be very easy but you can try as this is the next gen web and not many people are having problems with

so if you go and study and learn how to do it all thats fine but i would not touch it m8

devilfish can you help me please when i was flashing my dbox. it got stuck half way through. now the box dose not load. is there anyway of getting my box back in d mode. so that i can pit a outher image onto the box. please can you help if you can thanks
gsim you will have to flash it with ifa mate its the only way if it does not boot!! hope this helps ya!!!