Garden structure height question


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Aug 23, 2007
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I build a play structure for the kids a while back in 2008.

Had a letter from the council at the time that they had been notified of a structure. The came and measured it and sent a letter saying there was no problem with it. I think it was 3.2 meters at the time.

Since then I added the roof which has taken it to 3.7 meters at the front and 4.6 meters at the back (the garden is on a slope).

I had another letter this week, same thing though this time it stated that I built something in a tree which I don't have. The guy is coming round next week to have a look.

If anybody knows the regs, what do you think, will he make me alter it. From what I can work out at the time I built it the regs said 4m to apex from highest ground point.


I am guessing the guy at the back of you has said some thing to the council, tbh I don't blame them as I would be equally pee'd off if I had to look at that.

If it interferes with their natural light you will most probably be told to reduce the height of it.

Are you planing on painting the roof as it is a bit of an eyesore.
think the person whose patio doors are visible on your photograph could have some cause to object to invasion of privacy as you can look straight into that property.

The roof is a bit of an eyesore also needs some felt or at least some paint.

Can you not reduce the pitch of the roof of just put a single slope on it and prevent the overlooking of other property a little more.
lol..if i was your neighbour . i wud be round in the middle of the night with a pick axe
Sorry for playing devils advocate but could you argue that it is a temporary structure because it is wood?
The plan was to green felt the roof later this year so the roof would not be such a eye sore.

As for light, I did check before I put it up, in the morning and daytime the shadow falls into my garden, in the evening it blocks light that falls onto his shed which is directly behind it. But none of his garden.

I can understand from a privacy POV but as you can see from the picture, I can see directly into his house from my upstairs anyway. plus the back of the upper half is boarded so the kids can't peer into next door, its better then the decking which is about a meter below the top of their fence. I could change the pitched roof to a flat one and it would lop off 1/2 meter. The size was based on stuff you can buy of the shelf.

Before I built it, I did discuss it with him, I guess its difficult to visualise how big it until its there. And all time I was building it, he says nothing. So instead of talking to me, he has not said anything and I am pretty sure it is him who contacted the council.

Thing is I did him a big favour in that area is clay and thus everytime it rains all my water runs off into garden and its flooded several times. So when I did the decking, I dug a pretty deep ditch and put drainage in so his garden doesn't flood anymore.

The longer term plan is that once the kids are older I was going to take it down in size anyway. But that could be around 5 years away.

Well I guess I will have to wait and see that council says.
I think that the peaked roof makes a difference.

If it was a flat roof you might get away with it.

But to be honest it must be ghastly for your neighbour having that blocking out the sun.

I would watch out for bonfire night!

Do you have any horses in that shed?
what a monstrosity lol. Still I bet the kids love it

why does the 30 min job of felting the roof have to wait till later in the year?