Gaming adapter substitute


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Mar 30, 2005
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I am in the cctv business and often have to run an ethernet cable from a dvr to the router and use port forwarding. Occasionally it has been impracticable to run a cable so I have been using a lynksys gaming adapter connected to the dvr. This works perfectly but I am sure there is something else I can use. I have stood in the pc world networking section and looked at access points etc. but it aint my thing!! Is there anything I can use as an alternative?? Thanks.
in all honesty m8 i dont think theres anything else you can use as i think wireless gaming adapters are the only type with rj45/ethernet connecters all other wireless adapters are usb, dont take my word for it though m8 i may be wrong.
gaming adapters are known as wireless / ethernet bridges... maybe looking for "wireless bridge" will bring different results?