games to identify if a title update on USB is installed correctly on banned box?

Midnight Tboy

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Feb 23, 2008
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my boss at work has a banned box.

He also likes his Lips games....but oddly, I think its Number One Hits, always hangs on the loading screen, but all other games work fine, and other Lips discs work fine....and can see his Number One Hits exclusive tracks...then disc swap to play them no problem. Tried another burn etc and same issue.

Anyways, I've been thinking it maybe needs a title update, and he has tried to copy some title updates onto USB stick with the guides on some other site (dont have link off top of head but can get if anyone wants them).

Now he's put a few updates on his usb - but still has there any way to check if the updates are being read successfully?

I read somewhere ages ago, that on some 360 games, you can see the current version as a result of title updates, by going into System matching versions are required to play syslink?

Anyone know of any particular games that show an obvious sign that a title update is up and running? For example, a new menu option, or that system link info? To try to work out the cause of the problem, if there is any?